2024/1/31 Fuming over entitled people

We usually visit Nugget Market on Florin in Sacramento, for hard-to-find items and great cheeses. Today, the hard-to-find item was correct customer service at the checkout. I realize that this particular store has an entitled customer base that believe they are elite.

My husband and I just experienced that attitude firsthand not 20 minutes ago. I suggest management provide some tips for their cashiers on how to handle such situations.

Here’s what happened. We were entering the checkout as the person in front of us was just finishing up their purchase, meaning, we were next up. I noticed a pencil-thin, skinny-pants, large cowboy hat, older woman strutting quickly with her cart toward us. It was clear she would not be able to cut us off, so she went into what would be the line for the next cashier and pushed her cart up to our cashier.

The handling of this is the mistake of the cashier. He needed to give me a nod and ask if I minded if he serve her first. Instead, he ignored me, pulled her cart up so she could squeeze through to the correct side of the check out. The woman never looked my way to nod thanks or otherwise acknowledge me.

We waited patiently; I fumed.

It’s not a big deal, but it is.

Oh, by the way, we did find some great cheeses. Otherwise, this review would have been one star. Customer service is everything.

The review appears on Yelp.

Blog post 31 January 2024.

2023/7/31 Getting recognition on my coattails.

I was clicking around on YouTube today and came across a dancer from Cologne, Shirin Steinmann, that I knew years ago. She was touting her performance for the German Chancellor back in 1982. Except I was the one who danced at the Kanzelerfest with Loki Schmidt. She had no training back then, but looked good in a costume and got her photo taken by a Bild reporter. Next thing you know, she’s the star! Shameful.

Blog post 31 July 2023

2023/7/30 Babe – testing phase

I have been experimenting with different materials to see what works best with the machine. And I created an excel sheet where I track and rate the different materials. That way I won’t try the same one twice. So far, the faux suede turns out to have the highest quality. Second best is printed felt. Velveteen with a nylon back was a complete disaster, as well as thin poly/rayon, which just shredded. I have them on offer in my Etsy shop. Here is a pic of my best product to date:

Blog post 30 July 2023

2023/6/10 Babe – ultrasonic welding machine

All the way from China, I finally received my ultrasonic welding machine. 297 pounds of industrial machine. I had a 220 V line installed especially for this machine, named ‘Babe’. For some reason, she arrived with a sticker reading Babe on the outside of the crate. I just received the instruction manual, which I will study before I start my new adventure with this machine. Let’s see what I can create!

Welding machine, packed

Blog entry 10 June 2023

2022/2/23 Jacuzzi Install day 3

I’m writing this for tracking purposes because there is always so much going on and along the way I may need to keep track of this info. The background is that the jacuzzi tub has been available for install to our master bath since the end of December. The other work in the bathroom needed to be completed first and the team (for whatever reason) delayed it and then forgot about it until I started emailing the office on a daily basis and they got back on track. #rolls-eyes #ever heard of a tickler?

So last week the office said they were going to do the jacuzzi tub install on Monday and Tuesday. They did come on Monday, and did some prep work and left the tub in the master bedroom. They said they would be back on Wednesday. We assumed that would be to install the tub so I didn’t say anything about it standing in the bedroom. Though I did place a pic on my Facebook account. Today they came and built the frame for the tub. When leaving, the worker said someone would be back on Friday morning. The tub is still sitting in the bedroom. ๐Ÿ™

May be an image of bedroom

2022/2/22 Palindrome day – the date reads the same backwards and forwards.

And it actually also reads the same upside down. Fun facts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soooo, the ongoing saga with Rose Remodeling (remodeling 3 bathrooms since last July 2021). We now have a rather large jacuzzi tub standing stately in our bedroom. Sergei said they will install in two days. Let’s see. They have not been the most reliable since they seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. One of their managers, Ray, said they are currently working on 242 bathrooms.

I can imagine that scheduling workers for that many bathrooms is challenging to say the least. They definitely need better office management, because in the long run it will harm their reputation. They seem to think the big rush of orders will continue, but it may not always be that way, down the line. Anyway, not my responsibility. But I do need to keep following up if I want to keep the job going. I will be so relieved when it is over.

2021/11/10 calmer weather

Hi, I didn’t mean for this to be a complainer/whiner page! Looking back over previous entries, it seems I was using it for rants! LOL Of course, what’s the good of having your own blog if you can’t use it for rants?

After a year of the pandemic which changed everyone’s life, the bulk of California is vaccinated so we got part of our lives back. I got my booster yesterday – woke up with a headache and sore shoulder, otherwise no side effects.

Planning Thanksgiving dinner at the new house. A great opportunity to finally finish organizing the house, furniture and miscellaneous stuff laying around waiting for a home somewhere. I emailed the various contractors letting them know which items need to be completed by 11/24. I only heard back from one, confirming my request. Vasile is incognito or off in Hawaii for their latest project which he was showing me when last we met. So I suppose that means getting a task rabbit here to install the kitchen nook lamp. Let’s see. Don’t want to leave it in limbo too long.


This week seemed normal, but several things are going wrong every day.

First, the dancer Alana writes to me that I shall remove her name from a post on Facebook from 2012 – with the statement “this should be corrected”. ok, I find the post and remove her name. I drop her a note that the reference has been removed. No ‘thank you’ or anything from her. No answer from her whatsoever.

I designed a gorgeous costume for her, and was treated at that time like I was just the hired help. and when the costume was finished, and I know it is gorgeous, just look at the photos on my website, also no thank you. I only got complaints, claims that I was only producing her design (! a complete stretch if I was to publish the initial drawing). So I apologized and offered to make any alterations she might desire. No answer to this message. So this most recent contact has only dredged up the memory of how disrespected I was handled initially.

Second, I accidentally sent an email message meant for my supervisors to all of the branch supervisors. The most ignored it, realizing it was obviously sent to the wrong mail group. A few emailed me back with correction. But, as one of my colleagues pointed out, now they all got my name as the f up. sigh. Can’t take it back.

Third, I got reprimanded today at work for asking too many questions of a Dept of General Services employee. I shall just let him do his work and not ask questions, was told to me. Like I’m taking up this guys time and keeping him from his work. I politely answered ok.
Howeverโ€ฆ the reverse is what actually happened. He was testing the air in the manager office and came to my desk to talk. And I gave him some plums I had brought in to share with my co-workers. He came by on Tues and Wed. and on both days interrupted me from my work to talk about the plums and ask me who came to clean the office. I asked him what the result of the air test was. He said it was ok. and that was it.
Then today, the Chief, not my Supervisor, but the Chief comes to me to say he got a call that I was asking too many questions.

It’s like I’m suddenly attracting negative interactions. everything is turning negative. maybe I fell off my cloud. umgotteswille!

what more can happen? well there’s still tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


I am taking a Financial Accounting class while working 40 hours a week and producing costumes for a fair. On the weekends I try to study for 3 hours in the morning to have the afternoons free to be with my boyfriend.
I’m at the accrual accounting phase and really need quiet and no interruptions while studying so I can concentrate. I need to pass this class so I can promote at work.
This evening over dinner my boyfriend says
–no disrespect, but why is accounting so difficult for you (you woman, dummy)? All you need to know is if you have more money than you are paying out. It’s pretty easy.

The reason you lose money is because the Rakkasah Festival costs too much and you aren’t selling enough.

Then he looks at me like I am so dumb not to see this and he has explained it because he knows.
The remarks about my business insulted me, because he knows that I have always broken even or made a profit at Rakkasah, but because he doesn’t understand the business, looking at it if he was doing it, it must be losing money.
So I repeated that I make money at Rakkasah, as he knows. So why am I losing money?
He can’t give an answer to that.
Because he never ran a business and doesn’t understand the workings or the accounting.
But insists he is superior in his thinking, as with everything.

sigh. I really need to pass the class to move up. with or without his support.


If you are thinking of immigrating to the US from Europe, my advice is, don’t. Save yourself a lot of grief.
I have been here for 5 years and still do not fit in and frankly I don’t want to. What a poor, empty, superficial society.
Die Sache ist so. It’s every man for himself. no one cares about anyone else. me, me, me. Totally shallow and ego-centric.


endlich, heute arbeite ich an die neue webseite. das erste mal seit 2011. habe den Server abbestellt und nehme jetzt nur webhosting bei 1und1 – gibts auch hier in Amerika. so jetzts gehts los!

Ein Leben ohne Netz aber mit Sprung und Sahne!