January 31, 2022

Reflection – changing mores


I was reading an article today in the Daily Maverick, a South African news site. The article is titled Reflection, May I buy you a drink? Well written and thought provoking:

I grew up during the time the Gary Puckett song was popular and though aware of the message, took it in stride. By today’s standards, it would be completely inappropriate. It gave my realization, of the male-dominated world I grew up in, a deeper perspective and perhaps an additional angle.

At the time (in the 70’s) it was common for a man to offer a woman a drink in a pub, club or wherever. I never really thought of it as a ‘transaction’. But I see the implication. If, after some conversation, I was not thinking to pursue the interaction, I would not accept more drinks but would politely move on. Of course, by the time I was 21 I knew what men who talked to me or offered me drinks or asked for dates, were looking for. But the Puckett song indicates a woman younger than 21, it seems.

I listened again to the song on YouTube – a performance of the band on the Ed Sullivan Show. Gary was cute and harmless looking. The way he performed, the words did not seem dangerous and seemed to indicate self-awareness on the part of the man. I’m not going to go into the wearing of the confederate style jackets – a whole other issue.

Just some thoughts for a Sunday. 🙂

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